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Natha Satwa Nusantara

Natha Satwa Nusantara Foundation, is a body formed to protect and fight for the fulfilment of domestic animal welfare. ‘Natha’ is a Sanskrit word that meaning protector. Natha Satwa Nusantara means Indonesian Animal Protector.

Humans and domestic animals have lived together for approximately 15,000 years, in life together, humans and domestic animals have an impact on each other and are mutually beneficial.

Unfortunately, there are still many humans who think their lives are not worth fighting for and being filled with their welfare. This is characterised by the large number of cases of neglect, and torture and this greatly affects the lives of humans who also own and live in the same habitat. Human welfare cannot be met by ignoring animal welfare, and vice versa. The most visible impact when we ignore animals is in terms of environmental health.

What We Do

We’re here with a work programme to address this issue. Our main program is: Education. Our vision is to provide knowledge and understanding of animal welfare. Because there are so many neglect and tortures that occur due to lack of education in society.

Other programs are, animal rescue: These activities include evacuating tormented and diseased animals, rehabilitating, and finding homes and families committed to lifelong care. On the other hand, we also care about the problems caused by overpopulation, which has a direct impact on the human environment, especially in terms of environmental health, therefore we are active in sterilisation and vaccination programs for pets and street animals.

We also synergize with government programs, in an effort to establish regulations and programs related to sterilisation, vaccination and community education programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and realise the importance of meeting the welfare of domestic animals for the creation of environmental health. Implement and subsidise sterilisation and vaccination of domestic animals both non-proprietary and proprietary in order to suppress overpopulation and prevent transmission of zoonoses. Synergising with government activities and programs in tackling overpopulation, and disease prevention, also participates in monitoring the regulation and legal umbrella of domestic animal protection.