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Hello paw heroes does you know some info about where to eat for cats? Let's see some interesting information about cat food places.

Avoid using plastic bowls

The reason why it is not recommended to use bowls or plates made of plastic as cat food containers is because used food oil and bacteria will accumulate on the scratches of the plastic material which will make acne appear on the cat's face. The pimples are black spots that usually appear on the cat's chin area. Therefore, it is recommended to use bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Consider using a container of a certain depth

Of course, each container or bowl has a different depth level because it is based on a different function. Therefore, when it will be used as a cat feeding container, then consider the depth problem of the place to eat.

Most cats like containers that tend to be shallower and have a certain width. That's because this one animal likes to stick its face while eating. And if the place to eat has excessive depth and narrowness, then the cat will feel discomfort when eating the food given.

Do not equate food containers for one cat with another

Cats are territorial animals that always compete in everything and do not want to be equated, especially if their breeds are different. Therefore, it is recommended not to use bowls or food containers of the same model and colour for one cat with another. Apart from being motorised problems and unwillingness to be the same, cats also always mark what has been provided or belongs to them.

Placement of places to eat

It inevitably has to be done if the pet cat has to be placed in its cage along with its drinking, eating and defaecation area. It's just that if the pet cat is left free to roam outside the cage, then it is advisable not to place his place to eat near his defaecation area.

And one more thing that should be considered is never to put bowls or food containers close to each other. This is because cats are animals that have the nature of being solitary hunters and will feel uncomfortable when other cats are eating near them.

Clean container

It is also recommended to always keep bowls, plates or food containers for the cat clean. Try to wash it once every few days using soap and clean water. Cat food even though it is dry still contains oil, therefore in order to maintain the cleanliness and health of the animal in question, the place of food must also be clean.