The Story of the Street Cat "Depak"

Depak is a male street cat who lives in the parking area of ​​a supermarket (Superindo Sudimara, Ciputat, Tangsel).

In the hallway of this supermarket there are several tenants selling food and services. One of the food sellers here is a cat lover, her name is Kak Secil. She and her husband, Kak Ozi, sell every day here. They always provide food and drink for the stray cats that roam the lobby and parking area of ​​this supermarket.

There are so many cats, and they look quite well looked after (fat, clean and tame) resulting in an increase in the number of cats because they have not been sterilized, and there are also irresponsible humans who "throw away" cats in this area.

Luckily, there are some kind people who like to feed, vitamins, and even adopt cats in this area. And several cats have also been sterilized, by NSN and other donors.

Depak is the only cat that is allowed into the supermarket area. Loved by employees, from security to managers. Because Depak diligently hunts mice. And Depak never marks, aka pees carelessly.

Depak has entered the next sterilization target, after all the females present have been sterilized. However, one day Kak Secil reported to NSN, that Depak had disappeared for 3 days, and was found in a weak condition. Kak Secil said that Depak also seemed to have difficulty urinating.

After coordinating with NSN and the Leo n Vets clinic, Depak was brought the next day (Sunday, 11 Feb. 2024). Examined by Drh. Fauzia, and suggested further examination. The blood lab results were not too worrying, but the X-ray results showed that the pelvic bone was broken and there was a shift, possibly due to Depak still having time to run or jump after the incident. It is not known how it broke like this, most likely Depak was hit by a vehicle. And because he endured this pain, Depak was unable to defecate.

On February 25, after 2 weeks of hospitalization, Depak was allowed to go home. Of course Depak can no longer be released in the supermarket area. Especially because he is still recovering, and hopes that the bones will form tissue quickly so they can fuse together again. Depak has also been sterilized.

Now Depak is adopted and lives with Kak Secil and Kak Ozi, as their "son". With a note from the doctor, Depak must maintain his weight and is recommended to be fully indoors.